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About Me


Technology has transformed everything whether it is man landing on the moon or dramatic medical advances or the rise of an Internet-dependent society. At tarunadogra.com, I would be detailing about my journey from being a Computer Science graduate to a well renowned Digital Marketing professional.

My principal area of expertise is Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click, so I focus on that. You have access to many of my clients’ words through their testimonials.

I am currently sharing my experience by working as an Operations Manager with Affilired, performance marketing company, that strives to enhance travel companies with leading-edge strategies.

Apart from having 6+ years experience in digital marketing, I am a CCNA, Google adwords certified and you may check the below link for the same. https://www.google.com/partners/#i_profile;idtf=102486030539250163141

People know me as an independent smart girl, who loves creativity and like to experiment with life. I have heard people say how the life of a professional woman is similar to walking on the edge of a sword. Being married to a software engineer, we balance our professional and personal life pretty well and I owe all this to my loving husband. He not only supports me personally but is a guiding star for me in my professional life as well. He always accompany me to explore new places and learn new things.

About my hobbies, I like to spend my free time learning art, craft, typography, doodle etc. I love travelling to new places and explore more about its people, culture, etc.

Visited many destinations in India that includes Bengaluru, Mysore, New Delhi, Jaipur, Kishtwar, Jammu, Shimla, Una, Manali and have been to abroad – Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi in Malaysia. I always had an urge to learn new languages so went ahead and learnt Portuguese.

My personal goal is to explore and discover the world as much of it as we can, taking in every bit of it, while trying to immerse ourselves in the local culture and atmosphere. And profesionally, creating a well established profitable marketing framework is top priority for me.


Feel free to contact me to ask anything, or for any suggestions, comments, feedback.


Here is a brief of the projects I have worked upon, clients and their feedback.



  • UNIT (Australia)

    UNIT (Australia)

  • Build Acting (USA)

    Build Acting (USA)

  • Treat Resort (India)

    Treat Resort (India)

  • College Town Tutor (USA)

    College Town Tutor (USA)

  • GS Car Hire (United Kingdom)

    GS Car Hire (United Kingdom)

  • Rouletteneighbors (Lithuania)

    Rouletteneighbors (Lithuania)